Special Report: Wedding Planning Calendar

December 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Congratulations on your recent engagement! As you’re enjoying the glow and excitement of your new commitment to each other, here is a wedding planning calendar to help you plan your perfect wedding.

Read the full report here (PDF)

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Special Report: Find the Perfect Dress for Your Daughter’s Wedding

November 9, 2011 Leave a comment


Congratulations! Your little girl is all grown up and is getting married! With that long awaited announcement, you may be feeling some anxiety over what you will wear at your daughter’s wedding and wedding reception. In fact, many mothers over the years have privately expressed to me how much drama and stress this announcement has brought to them as they have considered the task of finding the perfect dress. I have written this special report to ease your mind and share several tips with you that will help you feel less stress about the process of finding the dress you’ll wear as you celebrate your daughter’s union.

Read the full article here (PDF).

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Robin Jillian Bridal Collection

Don & Mary Marr are thrilled to have recently been invited to be the representatives and distributors of the exquisite Robin Jillian bridal collection in Canada! Pictured here is Mary Marr with her friend and the designer of the Robin Jillian gowns.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We just met many new brides at the Bridal Show in St. Catharines on Sunday. Our theme was “Pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. In support of this Foundation, during October Marilee’s will be giving brides the opportunity to save on their bridal gown and then we will give that same amount of savings (up to $75.00) as a donation. We’re looking forward to this chance to support a worthy cause!  For more information, please visit www.marilees.com/promos.php!

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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Special Report: Top 10 Most Shocking, Outrageous Wedding Dress Myths

As a recently engaged bride, you have likely been exposed to a lot of information that will help you plan the perfect wedding. There are many myths and superstitions surrounding weddings which have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of the things you hear today simply aren’t true or just downright hilarious. In fact, many wedding traditions followed today are the result of superstitions created by myth and folklore (particularly surrounding avoiding bad luck and evil spirits) and the original meaning has been lost or forgotten over the years.

View the full article here (PDF)

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Special Report: Prepare for your Perfect Wedding

We know that the choice of finding the perfect wedding gown is often overwhelming for many brides and you may have felt this way as well. It is our sincere hope that your experience at our store has been beneficial to you in your search and that you’ve felt as though you are a part of our family.

Read the entire article here (PDF)

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