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The Crisis in China could affect Your Wedding!

Front of Store

August 12, 2010

As we feel it a necessary responsibility of all bridal stores to keep their clientele abreast of the latest happenings overseas we are providing you with the most recent notification we have received from our vendors.  

Please read below.


How will the Chinese labor shortage affect you?
Have you heard about the problems in China?
Are you waiting to order your gown until next year?
You are probably wondering how problems in China can possibly affect your wedding plans.  Well, if you are waiting to order your gown until closer to your wedding date, You Will Be Affected.  I hate to break it to you this way – but almost ALL bridal gowns and fabrics are produced in China.  The companies may be based in the US, but the gowns are not made here.  Due to a combination of factors (labor shortages, workers demanding higher pay/better working conditions and stricter scrutiny at US Customs) gowns are running behind from most manufacturers.  In fact, these companies are no longer accepting RUSH orders for gowns.
We strongly suggest that if you have intentions of purchasing a private label gown or for that matter any of the other lines we carry that you contact our store or the store you plan on purchasing from to make arrangements to get measured and place your deposits in order to secure current pricing.   
If you are waiting to order until closer to your wedding you will have longer delivery times and most importantly your gown is going to cost more.  We are beginning to receive letters from our manufacturers stating the price of goods out of China are going to increase 20-30% as soon as this month (August 2010).

Weddings are stressful enough…don’t delay in ordering your gown.  There is no need for you to pay more or be needlessly worried about its delivery.  I’ve included some links to articles regarding the situation in China:
http://yhoo.it/9ZIXcU – Companies brace for end of cheap made-in-China era
http://bit.ly/aiKufn – Chinese Labor Shortage, U.S. Problems
http://nyti.ms/97093d – Defying Global Slump, China Has Labor Shortage

If you have ordered your gown from Marilee’s I want you to know that we are tracking our orders diligently.  These issues are affecting all bridal salons and almost every manufacturer.  Feel free to contact me with any questions at 905-892-6634.

Mary Marr

**Following is a letter from a manufacturer announcing a price hike.  Letters like this one are being sent out by all wedding gown vendors including names like Maggie Sottero, Casablanca, Allure, Private Label by G, House of Wu and Melissa Sweet.

July 6, 2010
To our dear and valued customers,
Due to the recent labor crisis in China and the devaluation of foreign currencies against the Chinese Yuan, our factory finds it necessary to increase the price to cover the increase
in production costs.
Please be advised effective August 1, 2010 there will be a 20%-30% price increase across the board on all current styles prior to Spring 2011.  Please be advised that all Silk Dupioni fabric will be increased 85% due to weather conditions in India and China.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Robin Jillian Customer Service
P.S.  Shoes and headpieces are also being affected (since all are made in the same region in China).

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